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Branding is a good that you have built over time and, despite the fact that it enjoys notoriety on the internet, you need to be aware that there are dangers at every step, and credibility can be lost much faster than you have gained it. Left to chance, your brand may suffer because the world of internet is not exactly full of the best intentions.

Online reputation management guarantees you greater control over the messages that appear and directly target the brand or even yourself. The effort and attention we give to image shows how important it really is in the business world.

Search engines are nothing but algorithms, an artificial intelligence that does not think at an emotional level and cannot balance the effect that an unfounded accusation can have on your business.

Online reputation management is the effort to feed the positive perception that users have about a brand with an online presence. Reputation actually means what other people think about you, and is based on what the search engine systems and systems know about you, faster than your personal experience.

If your business reputation is in danger, then you need to understand the elements that sum up the actions by which you manage your reputation. Instead, when your own reputation is at stake, you need to know who is in control of the information and how you, in turn, can influence people’s perception.

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Online Reputation Management Increases Your Sales

This reputation idea exists across the world, which means it can be described as a tactic to include in your marketing plan. In fact, it is a solid component of sales, because the image formed in the collective mind has a bigger say in the public’s decision to buy. Once your reputation has reached a higher level, more will believe and join your mission.

Important For People As Well

Maybe at first impression, you tend to believe that online reputation management only applies to people, not individuals. Personalities are often businesses, influencers more precisely, or a real brand, if we think about music industry. It is impossible for them to live their lives in anonymity, and almost all their daily activity appears on the Internet; Information that people have access to and of course they are looking for. So it is logical that this service is more than adequate for people.

Online Reputation Management Is Constantly Growing

It is important to understand that the public will always associate your business with you, even if you are two separate entities. A very large percentage of customers will rethink their purchase decision if they read a negative review about your product.

Since search engines have, to some extent, replaced verbal recommendations, online reputation management has become a necessary service to positively influence public opinion. The first search results are the things that users respond to, which is why it is necessary that the mission and values of your brand appear in that place.


Who Controls Your Reputation?

This is a very important point in managing your online reputation, as its inattentive administration can affect the long term. By trying to influence people’s opinion you will see that it is a road full of obstacles and that, in reality, it is not exact science.

As for your business, you control exactly what has to do with your actions. And this is not total control either, because each employee has a degree of autonomy and different ways of living their personal lives. Your actions shape the business reputation, but there will always be people who see something negative in your good intentions.

What Can’t You Control?

The area in which you have control of your reputation is almost non-existent, in terms of the negative things that can occur at any time. That’s why you need constant supervision of all the mentions about you and your business that appear on the Internet. Even if your actions are prudent and limited in the sphere of impact, the reputation has an independent existence in the collective mind.

The values and mission of the company are communicated through employees, marketing and online presence. The audience receives the message according to their own experiences and interpretations.

Reputation is, for the most part, an aspect you cannot control, because it is almost impossible to change the way people think, but instead you can direct them to an idea.


How You Manage Your Reputation

To a certain extent, you can control and adjust your image online, which will further affect the public’s perception. Specifically, online reputation management means the separate management of problems that may arise from different sources such as:

Negative news.

News articles are often the first to appear when someone searches for your brand on Google. Even if the public is aware that there is fake news on the internet, people tend to believe them.


There is a risk that online pictures will come up that could ruin your reputation. Fortunately, there are legal regulations and guidelines that can be removed from indexing.


Used for negative purposes, this can be an extremely powerful weapon, because, unfortunately, on the Internet people can write absolutely anything, and your right to reply must be exercised instantly.


Review sites exist to help consumers make the best choices for their personal interests. It can happen that a single negative review will drive many customers from you to competition.

A very high news item in search results can stay there for years, until something changes. This is when we intervene with Online Reputation Management.

We use SEO optimization techniques and psychology for user behaviour to restore the balance between current Google results and other publicly available information sources.

We cannot control what people think, but we can manage the information they receive. We will make sure that they receive only the correct information, coming directly from the source. Meaning, from you.

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