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13 years

13 years of experience, the know-how of our specialists and our international references turn Happy Advertising into a full-service digital agency.

The fact that we are a full service digital agency allows us to offer advice in many ways
areas related to the vast world of the internet.

Who We Are

We Are Awesome

The Absolute Absence of Negative State of Human Mind (Happy) Advertising is a Digital Agency in Bucharest that masters the secrets of the Internet, online marketing and shows a deep inclination towards technologies and algorithms. And despite the fact that virtual space has become a second reality, the human side is part of the work philosophy we promote. This balance is for us a Modus vivendi.

What We Do

Creative & Digital

The unitary vision of how all areas of the online environment are interconnected characterizes us as a Full Service Digital Agency. We promote a transparent work environment, where communication is the key to success in every online marketing campaign. And this is the essence of Happy Advertising.

We use our experience to help entrepreneurs and companies achieve their goals.

The relationship we develop with each client allows us to offer excellent solutions in terms of: Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Branding.

Active imagination

Practical creativity

Bilateral communication

Adaptable activity

Consistent strategies

Analytical approach

Unity in the diversity
of web services

It has been 13 years since we were part of the group of people who actively participated in the evolution and modernization of e-commerce. All this time, I have traveled all over the world and learned the leitmotif of the digital world: diversity.
The Internet has open servers for all niches and business models. We have developed our capabilities to create and execute online marketing strategies through the services we offer. The fact that we own the 3 big areas around which the notion of e-commerce revolves turns us into a Premium Digital Agency.
Diversity is necessary for online businesses because, when we make a choice, several areas of the brain are activated and we all know how much the brain likes to be active. The intention to buy or the decision to read this text are dictated by the billions of connections made between neurons, and this is exactly what your business needs to do: to awaken that YES in the minds of customers.

Team presentation

Happy Team is made up of different people who share the same love for the digital world.
We always like to keep up with the trend and anticipate the directions towards which the behavior of internet consumers is heading.
This also helps us anticipate the needs of the clients we work with.


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