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E-mail marketing is a form of Internet promotion that is manifested by sending messages or promotional materials by e-mail. They may be advertisements, promotional messages, commercials or other requirements.

Any type of content taking this form can be considered e-mail marketing, and its purpose is to attract new customers, to improve the relationship with existing customers or to loyalty them, through messages that only arouse the feeling that behind the brand- there is something human.

For such a campaign to work, its success must be measured, and the first step is to get the message to the Inbox. Due to the tools we use, we can find out if the e-mail provider supports several messages at the same time or if the e-mails we send will be spam.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

How E-mail Marketing Works

First and foremost, the text of the e-mail needs to be creative, to have a pleasant look, to contain relevant images and calming colours. And for the response rate to increase, they need to be as personalized as possible – for each individual recipient. No one will respond to an e-mail that they feel other thousands of people have received.

The people who receive the messages look at them, just like you, as a business. Calculate the possible earnings, whether it is the time you invest or the need that satisfies your product or the service you provide arouses interest.

Also, very important is the time when people receive an e-mail, and the recommendation is that they be sent during the day, when they are also in the office, when they may have the e-mail open or constantly check it.

The most effective e-mail marketing campaigns are those that form part of an integrated communication plan, when all aspects work together to give birth to a whole. The images and the tone must be the same on all channels, because even the smallest details are part of the marketing mix.

Why Choose E-mail Marketing

  • By e-mail marketing you reach a significant number of subscribers, who have accepted this form of communication directly with your business.
  • Compared to leaflets or materials sent by post, where the chances are very low for someone to read your offer to the end, even if you provide quality services. The time required to produce the materials, print the addresses and send them effectively makes the task quite slow.
  • The exact return on investment can be tracked, which can be very high if the action is done correctly. E-mail marketing is an extremely effective tactic that also brings a profitable return.E-mail is also profitable for multiple content variants that you can test, and here we talk about multimedia images or materials. In addition, the data collected from this campaign can be used for other print materials or in digital marketing campaigns.
  • Compared to a standard e-mail, the marketing one has a better response rate and a higher value for your business.

Why work with Happy

  • We offer you a cheap promotional option, reaching hundreds or thousands of customers.
  • In e-mail marketing campaigns we carry out, we send messages to ideal consumers. Cost efficiency gives rise to a ROI that, as a percentage, is the most profitable.
  • We modify, adapt and customize your campaigns according to your needs.
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