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Before starting a SEO Campaign, We Know Your Business

To start a SEO promotion and optimization campaign firstly you must conduct a SEO audit, in order to understand the current state of your website and maximize the results. The importance of search engine optimization is very high when you want to have a successful marketing strategy; and it all starts with a SEO Audit.

Performing a documented SEO Audit is the essential starting point for any marketing campaign, whether SEO services are internal or outsourced. This shows you the state of your business in online environment and shows you the direction you need to take to fix or significantly improve your current figures.


Crawl or Deeper Website Analytics

Each SEO audit starts with what is called a crawl. As we said before, this is the first step that helps you identify the specific problems on the page. At the same time, it is a benchmark for the rest of the audit.

Through the most popular tool for such a process, Screaming Frog, we find out if the site has errors coming from links, titles, Meta descriptions or duplicate content. Also, this tool, used in conjunction with Google Analytics, gives you a broader picture of the data extracted from your site related to views, bounce rate, and, mainly, everything that happens in your domain.

Upload Speed

A fast-loading site will also provide a positive user experience, while a slow domain will increase your bounce rate, especially at present, when the patience on the internet is extremely limited. Being your main conversion channel, you need to pay close attention to this aspect.

Online tools provide real-time results for website loading speeds for both desktop and mobile. They check web pages and offer suggestions on the correct formatting for you, such as image compression. On the other hand, a speed test examines each page and the articles present, in terms of size and individual loading time. The importance of a speed test is to determine the obstacles that stand in the way of SEO optimization.


Website Architecture

Another factor that enhances the site in terms of SEO is its solid structure. Better architecture offers a better user experience, but also Google tools that access the website and give it a ranking position.

A clear, logical and organized structure that gives a complete and accurate site map is essential. The URL structure matters a lot in the SEO process, which should relate to the website’s hierarchy.

Another aspect that denotes a strong architecture is expressed by the presence of the main pages in the navigation menu, so that users can easily and efficiently find information. For easy navigation, you can create links from one page to another in order to keep visitors on the site.


Content is fundamental to SEO promotion services. Google awards with visitors the websites that regularly update their content and keep it relevant. Analytics tools help you understand how fit the pages are for certain keywords. Inserting keywords without a favourable context should be avoided and they should be used as naturally as possible. Find the balance between using keywords targeted to your brand and content that should add value.

The length of the content is relevant to the attention of users, which is why the special blog section will satisfy your need to send as much information as possible. Other tools allow you to view your pages just as the search engine does, which helps you optimize your SEO content.

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