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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Conversion optimization rate (or CRO) is about improving the conversion rate from ads, marketing campaigns, sales, or any aspect of your business where users are determined to take action.

If you run an e-mail marketing campaign that urges people to access a link to purchase a product, then CRO helps you by persuading more people to take this step.

CRO can take different forms and names such as marketing optimization, website optimization, landing page optimization (LPO), optimization and testing, customer experience (CX), usability or market experience.

Despite being based on optimization, CRO is different from SEO in that the former focuses on optimizing human behaviour, and the latter with optimizing the behaviour of the search engine algorithm.

Web design, copywriting and data interpretation services in Google Analytics are aspects that help and support conversion rate optimization. And the reason is simple, because many CRO changes are either design or text.

We have the ability to interpret data, which helps us understand where we need to make the changes in order for the CRO to have a big impact. After making the changes we follow them step by step to see if anything has changed in the consumer’s behaviour.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

CRO and A / B testing

We make sure that all the changes we make, in our conversion rate optimization campaign, have the desired effect and we test them against the original version. Although modifications can be made without testing, we want to make sure that the positive impact is maximized. In addition, acting in this way, we use the information obtained to better understand the client, so that we can come up with additional ideas for improving campaigns.

CRO has long been used in marketing and advertising, but it is associated with the digital world, because it is very practiced here, due to rapid changes and the ability to obtain data quickly for interpretation.

Why Choose Conversion Rate Optimization

Customer Information.

CRO helps you to better understand your target audience and thus find out the methods by meeting their needs. This service brings you the right people needed by your business to grow. Higher traffic does not automatically mean higher sales, if it is not qualitative. We get you out in front of people who have the greatest intention of buying.

We increase ROI.

CRO means getting more out of the resources you have. When you make the most of your acquisition-driven marketing actions, you get more conversions, without the need to increase your budget.


The fact that your business is growing does not guarantee that your audience will grow as quickly or it will extend, which is why optimizing your conversion rate helps you never run out of potential customers. Each niche has a finite audience, which is why you will have to try new tactics, aimed at people who have not yet acted in interaction with you.

A better UX.

When users feel good about a website, they tend to stay. CRO focuses exactly on strengths and expands them. Customers who will have an even more enjoyable experience than the one they knew will recommend your brand further.

Increased confidence.

For a person who is going to be your customer to share your personal data with you, you must first of all feel that they can trust you. The website must be prepared to answer all the questions and needs customers may have when interacting with you and your business.

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