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We Bring Your Business to Your Customers

Mobile applications are today the most widespread forms of interaction with businesses, because they are much simplified than websites and create an intuitive and user-friendly browsing experience.

We are constantly aware of your needs. We build high-performance mobile applications, both technically and interactively, which will make your application stand out in the market. Mobile applications are the most direct way your business can get in touch with customers.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

What You Get With a Mobile Application:

Direct communication with potential customers.

Marketing according to their geographical positioning.

Increased sales volume due to exposure.

A tool for customer interaction.

Brand recognition.

Differentiation from competition.

An Application for People to Use

User Experience (UX) is the key to a successful application and at the same time an aspect that must be continuously improved. For example, you can add a store map to send on Google Maps to make it easier for people to find you. If this is an application that requires constant data entry, think about how you could simplify this process. Apple’s Health app automatically records steps or heart rate when the user has the phone nearby. This simplification will make users use the application more often.

Develop a plan for a social campaign and let the application spread by itself, by accessing the contact list. Dropbox also gives you each and every friend invited extra storage space, which encourages you to help grow the community.

How Do We Work?

We align the purpose of the application with the business profile

It is important to know that the development of a mobile application requires patience. During the first phase, we establish together the business model that the application will follow and its objectives. Also, it must be established what the application brings in addition to the website.

We draw the main ideas and present you our idea, built around your business philosophy, but leaving the list open. As we develop the application, we can add new features to it, to perfectly suit your needs.

We study competition

As soon as we know the purpose of the application, it is high time for a market research. The first thing we consider is your competition. We not only measure the number of competitors, but also the success they have achieved.

We put on paper all the strengths of your business and how it differs from other similar businesses. That way, we will have a clear picture of the value your application will bring to the market.

We prepare the action plan

This is the step in which your application becomes tangible. Once the purpose and competition of the application being established, we focus on the UX and UI design that is how your software will be presented to clients.

Will the app be easy to navigate? Does it have a nice design? Does the user quickly find out how to make their application easier? Surely all these questions will have a positive answer, thanks to the passionate and experienced people from our agency.

We write the code

Something to be remembered here is that a performance and functional application from all points of view will not develop overnight. It takes a lot of lines of code that, put together, will result in a mobile application worthy of your business.

Our team consists of programmers with over 10 years of experience, who are dedicated and passionate about this activity. We will permanently keep in touch with you, to keep you updated on all the progress made during software development.

We keep the application functional

As the application approaches the time of launch, you will be able to test its beta versions, to be sure that when it is fully developed it will meet all your requirements.

It is essential, for your business, that the application operates under normal parameters at all times, to be always one step ahead of the competition. That’s why our agency offers support and maintenance at all times, so you can take full advantage of the benefits of a mobile application.

Reasons to choose web design services from Happy:


  • We have experience with multi-niche businesses.
  • We think of projects so as to bring leads.
  • We have experience with people, which is a plus on the technical side.
  • I’m in step with the trends.
  • We work transparently and communicate effectively with each client.

How a mobile application can help your business

App stores like the App Store or Google Play have the largest catalogs, which are browsed daily by millions of people. For your business it would mean:

New traffic.

Each application has a description that contains information about the seller and developer. People may be interested in your products or services and order directly from the website, which is a plus for your business.

Source of customers.

Once the public discovers your application, they can share it instantly with friends through email or Social Media channels, by simply pressing the share button.

Another source of customer reviews and ratings.

This can be a benefit to those people who intend to purchase, but need more information.

Direct contact with the customer.

An application can be distributed free of charge with basic functions, with the possibility of paying once or a monthly subscription for additional functions. Once the mobile application is installed, you will be able to contact your customers directly, a method that is sometimes more efficient than email or other channels.

Increased engagement rate.

Many people install applications with the intention of using them at one point. When someone visits your website, you can show them, via one button, the existence of the mobile application.

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