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Google Maps Optimization (Local SEO)

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Local SEO Pins You on the Map

When you’re listed on Google Maps, people quickly find information that interests them about your business, such as your work schedule, address and phone number. It is a means by which people who have never interacted with you quickly access the important details that lead them to your business.

Google Maps listings make it easy to find things that interest you in the area you are in. For example, if you have a fast food restaurant on Unirii Blvd, a person looking for something to eat in this area will search for “fast food Piata Unirii” and will definitely choose from the first results that Google will offer. This is also the purpose of Local SEO, so that people can find you quickly, easily and come directly to you, through the possibility to navigate directly on the map.

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Why appear on Google Maps?

Searches on a mobile device have long ago outpaced those on desktop, and people who are looking for a product or service usually want to satisfy that need right away. Google has developed an efficient service that addresses these needs, which is why it displays map results directly at the top of the page.

Once your business appears on Maps, you automatically win a white ball in the eyes of visitors. But the algorithm it uses for this service is different from the one for websites, although the SEO optimization name is the same, but in the case of Local SEO, the goal is for people to physically interact with your business, but also to have a website well set up, as there is a good chance they will do more extensive verification before choosing.

Listing on Google Maps

The Local SEO service is essential to attract relevant traffic to your business, especially for physical location visits or for people who want to have business meetings in convenient areas. If you want to appear in local results, the business must appear in the mobile map package, and that means being listed and optimized.

A simple listing on Google Locations, which you simply do to exist, is not enough to make sure your business appears on maps. Once you have got the listing, you have control over the information and you can add additional content, and, by optimizing SEO you have the opportunity to reach the first searches.

How to Optimize Your Account

Optimization means filling in the optional fields, as well as the required fields. The information must be accurate, but at the same time should contain keywords, written in a natural way in the description fields. The details are what make the difference, which is why you need to pay extra attention to the small things like the point on the map, to be placed exactly on your location and at the address to be the name of your business.



Of all the online business information, the most important are NAP (name, address, and phone). Their form needs to be the same everywhere they appear, without variations of different names or phone numbers. Thus, wherever you are on the Internet, you lead people to one place, that is, to your business.

Business Description

Must be accurate and adequate, one that explains to potential customers why they need your products or services. You need a compelling text, including the key words that are relevant to your business, but at the same time give the feeling that you are approaching a natural style.


Visual Content

Photo and video content attracts attention and so you have a greater chance of connecting with potential customers. The visual has a big impact and makes the customer visit your location or, if not, to visit the site to find out more about you.


The correct selection of services is important for the accurate description of the activity you carry out. You can select multiple categories and choose from the subcategories that Google recommends, covering a wider area.

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