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Web Maintenance

Happy Advertising offers you high quality web design and SEO promotion services

We Make Sure Your Website Is 100% Functional

The website is the tool that ensures the existence of your business in the online environment, be it an online store or a presentation site. It must be constantly updated with relevant information, be efficient in navigation and have a modern interface, which encourages visitors to interact with the site.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

What We Do For You


Updated Content

Your website should be updated with the latest information relevant to both your business and visitors. Content updates we make for you include web pages, formatting them, removing spam, changing menus and browsing, and of course creating additional features.


Speed Increase

In this era of speed, where the attention and patience of people surfing the Internet is constantly decreasing, if your website does not have a fast loading, it will send visitors to competition. Our services ensure a quick display of pages, by organizing content, optimizing visual elements and necessary functionalities, but which can affect this aspect.


Integrated Communication

Social channels are very important because they allow Internet users to get in direct contact with you. This is why, besides the special contact page, it is important to have a live chat with your clients, both on the site and on Social Media accounts, which will all be inter-linked.


Compatibility with Mobile Devices

The number of people who access the Internet from a mobile device, especially a smartphone, has far exceeded the number of those browsing the desktop. Moreover, for search engines it is an important criterion that websites are mobile compatible, and that is exactly what we will do for you.


Why You Need Web Maintenance

The fact that the website has a problem and is not online brings with it a high risk of losing potential customers. If you do not benefit from web maintenance, it may take longer to find someone to solve your problem, especially since it will not always be prioritized.


A very important thing to remember in the way we carry out our activity, because each of our clients who has a problem, has priority in solving any problems, which can be of the most varied. For example, a very unpleasant thing for an online store is that the payment functionality displays an error and people cannot place an order. Then you will probably lose more customers, most of them giving up on returning to check if the system has returned to normal.


Security and plugins

One of the most important aspects of web maintenance services is keeping your website secure. Addresses built on content management systems, such as WordPress, have a large number of functionalities. Themes and plugins are often updated to improve security. When the system is outdated, it is vulnerable and exposed to dangers.

Plugins are running and constantly updated to improve the user experience and reduce the number of errors. Not updating those means the lack of features that improve user experience or, in the worst case, the entire website to give up.

Why choose Happy:


    • We update how often the products and services on the site are demanded.
    • We optimize your website visually and technically.
    • We modify the structure, add new pages and improve the non-functional ones.
    • We optimize links, both internal and external.
    • We offer a modern image to your website, action that includes colours, fonts and written content.
    • You get full support from us, whenever you need it.

Keeping your website at full capacity is a priority for us, and the fact that we are a full service digital agency gives us the skills to take care of all the important aspects.

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