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Content entry services encompass all aspects of an online store or presentation site in terms of content. This category includes adding products, migrating content from the old to the new website, updating content – in cases where the information is old and no longer of interest, editing the current content, deleting unwanted content, adding photo files and / or video, completing the list of contacts, filters for products or articles, descriptions for each category – recommended for SEO services.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

Adding Products

This process involves the population of an online store with the products you sell. In the first phase, all the objects with descriptions and specifications, the product code and, if required, instructions for use or other information that you wish to appear are uploaded together with the accompanying photograph.

To keep your sales and purchase processes running smoothly, we automate product stocks, which means users will not place an order for a code that is no longer in stock. And if you want to diversify your offer, we can upload the same products, but in different colours, to increase the chances of being added to the basket.

Content Migration

This process, part of content entry services, requires a certain amount of time to implement, which is recommended after the new website is up and running and passed the testing part. Filling in the blanks on each page of the website does not take as long as creating or updating the content, if you simply do not want to copy it.

The first step in migrating content is to determine what you want to remove and what you want to keep from the information you already have. There are high chances that it will no longer be relevant for the online environment or no longer fit into your new content strategy on the website. Finally, the old information package must be reviewed, revised and arranged in such a way as to be aesthetically compatible to the new website.

The process of introducing content on the new website is a mechanical one, in the first phase, so you only have to worry about its accuracy. The management is mainly based on templates that help to place the information on the page, so that it integrates harmoniously with the photo or video materials and as a whole create a pleasant experience of navigation and interaction with your brand for all visitors.

Descriptions for Categories and Products

Born out of the need to prevent the website’s SEO needs and to provide users with additional information to help them make only satisfactory purchases, category descriptions are now an important part of the SEO services we have developed over time.

Product descriptions and features are mandatory for any online store, as it is the only means by which buyers can be informed about the benefits that any product brings. At the same time you make it easier for them and their work to look for information in other places and you considerably reduce the risk of them choosing not to buy anymore. In fact, these are generally valid for presentation sites as well, because people need to know what kind of services they choose and what they get in return.

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