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Web Consultancy

Happy Advertising offers you high quality web design and SEO promotion services

Web Consultancy

The fact that we are a full-service digital agency allows us to provide consultancy in many areas of the wide world of the Internet. These services are aimed at both start-up entrepreneurs and those who want to rebrand or want to try a new online marketing tool for their business.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

Web Consultancy in Creating an Online Store

If you are on this page, it means that you already know how important an online store is to any business that wants to be more than local. It opens your horizon to an infinitely larger number of customers, than if you only had physical stores.

We will recommend all the functionalities necessary for your website to be considered a modern one. And this implies, among other things, ways to make it faster, to make the content fluent, that the pages, once loaded, can display instantly and, overall, everything so that your customers have a pleasant shopping experience.

Web Consultancy for Presentation Site

Businesses are no longer operating exclusively on recommendations. Even if you provide the best service and you have a flawless customer service, people will still want to know you better, find out more information and how else, if not by a simple internet search?

But having a page to post content on is not enough, because the untrimmed appearance of the website and everything related to the visual elements will awaken the confidence of potential customers or send them to the competition. The key is to get involved in creating a presentation site just how you do it in your business.


What do we do for you?


  • We make the best decision together for your business to thrive.
  • We do a complete analysis of your business.
  • We collect relevant data about the field of activity.
  • We find solutions that bring maximum efficiency.
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Web Consultancy for Maintenance and Hosting Services

You may have wondered how to choose the best hosting and hosting services for your website. First of all, you need to know why a web address needs to work flawlessly. Among the most important criteria that dictate the quality of a site are the design, the security and the lack of errors.

To make sure you don’t lose any potential customers, you need to be online non-stop and all the functionalities must run correctly. And the lack of errors offers, by default, a good browsing experience, which will make the visitors return to you. Finally, data security is vital for you as well as for your customers, especially if bank card transactions are carried out and people entrust you with their personal data.

Web Consultancy for SEO Optimization Services

You have a fast, intuitive site that looks good, but you are not on the first pages of Google. From the point of view of the organic traffic, there are very important aspects, but without benefiting from SEO services, your website will be at a dead end.

On-page SEO optimization ensures content that is relevant to your users, and Google will understand that and ultimately put you on the first page. Keywords, quality content and links are what make the difference in the first phase. What is important to note here is that Google especially focuses on quality and then quantity. Only one truthful information or one premium product is not enough, so variety is needed.

Web Consultancy for Online Marketing

As each niche has its own characteristics, so are digital marketing strategies for each one. It is vital to know your audience and know what form to give to the message you convey. Even if you have found the right strategy, there is a chance that the audience will not be as responsive as you expect.

The recipe for success consists of a mix between your product, the audience you are targeting, the message you transmit and the channel through which you want to reach your potential customers.

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