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You’ve Reached the Perfect Place for an Online Store to Reach Your Potential Customers

The time has come to take your business to the next level and to outline an online store that gives confidence to your potential customers. Today, the website has become a must for any entrepreneur who wants to expand or even develop an internet business.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

Why do you need a turnkey online store?

The process of redesigning, adapting and repairing a website that is not well optimized from the beginning for the purpose to sell can be long and time consuming. The most appropriate solution is to build it from scratch ensuring it will show and have all the features you want. We offer you a complete online store, ready to bring you leads and ready for you to make the long-awaited conversions.


The Advantages of an Online Store:

Responsive site.

We want all your customers to have a pleasant browsing experience. Each item, button or image that makes the product or service more attractive must work properly, in order to determine the customer to continue the purchase process.

Easy shopping.

We eliminate unnecessary steps; we combine the intermediaries and we make every effort so that every customer can shop in a fluent and simple way.

Business-specific elements.

With the help of web design services, we create an online store that is easy to understand by your target audience.

Clear structure.

Any online store has a structure that helps those who want to find a particular product or service within it. We make sure it is easy to understand and accessible to help your clients.

Communicating with potential customers.

Communication is essential for any type of business, which is why we have access to the information needed to complete the order as quickly as possible.


How an online store helps you

In 2018, online sales of approximately 2,500 trillion dollars were recorded worldwide, which meant 8.8% of total sales. The process is constantly growing, as more and more people discover the online shopping process, and those who already know it, are making more and more online purchases every year. These figures tell you why your business needs an online store to sell. Now you can take advantage of this opportunity and find the best e-commerce solutions together.

What Is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is the process of selling and buying goods and services online. It allows you to provide excellent services to your customers, to keep in touch with them and especially to reach a new audience.

E-commerce has evolved over the years and continues to improve. It was introduced in the 1960s, along with electronic data exchange, by sending emails. E-commerce has grown rapidly since general public began to have easy access to the Internet. By the 1990s, e-commerce was already becoming a market, and at that time the world’s largest online store, Amazon, emerged. Now it’s easier than ever to own an online store and even sell locally through marketplaces like eMag and Facebook.

There are 3 types of online transactions:

Business to Business (B2B)

These refer to the sales of products and services between two companies. These include especially producers, intermediaries and retailers. In this case, purchases are made based on a well-developed plan, because the purchase price depends on the online ordering business.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

In this case, businesses sell products or services directly to customers. Most consumers shop online to meet their need, so you should consider this when deciding to set up an online store.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

A little younger than classic e-commerce, this model is extremely broad and refers to consumers who sell to other consumers, very popular on platforms such as eBay.

The Benefits of E-Commerce

Non-stop shopping.

Visitors can enter the website and have access to products you market at any time of day and night. This makes shopping easier and represents an important advantage, despite physical stores.

Much wider audience.

The physical store limits you to selling to people in your city. On the other hand, the gates are open to buyers from all over the world, which is especially a financial advantage for your business.

Clarity of the acquisition channel.

It is impossible to track every customer who enters your store and tests the products, before deciding to go to the cash register. Online you can track every click you make, which gives you a clear picture of the purchase process.

Online Vs. Offline

Businessmen who own a physical store have understood how important the existence of an online store is; particularly due to the fact that many customers have made a habit of checking online what kind of products certain merchants own, and then to test them in reality. The merger between the two channels is a big advantage in Romania, where people still feel the need to see the products before making the payment.

Tips for Opening an Online Store

One of the most important aspects is the payment system, which must be completely secure, given that all customers will use important data to complete the purchase. The main advantage is the clear vision that you will have on the evolution of your business, through the data provided such as age, gender and location. This way you get to know your audience better.

Develop a strategy that includes all channels through which you can reach those interested in your products or services. Whether it is mobile, desktop devices or physical store, you need to create a pleasant experience and a way for people to reach you quickly and easily. This is an excellent marketing strategy, and will certainly only do you benefit.

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