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Web Design Development

Happy Advertising Bucharest offers you high quality web design and SEO promotion services
We Establish the Connection between You and Your Customers,
through A Pleasant Online Experience

The basic feature of a quality website is the ease with which it can be browsed. A website must have personality, be rigorously structured and meticulously organized. It must, at the same time, be friendly to those who access it, such as a welcoming host.

If the user quickly finds the information he needs, then he becomes half a customer. The experience of over 10 years helps us build a website for you that will soon become your online business card.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

What you get with web design services:

A good first impression.

Visibility and differentiation in the online market.

Seriousness and trust.

Increasing number of customers.

Customer loyalty through a well-developed structure.

Educating users to get to know your products or services well.

Online Store

An online store gives you the opportunity to connect with potential customers from all over the world, depending on the niche you activate. And because the conversion rate on mobile devices is constantly increasing, your horizon is now even wider. From a simple visit to the website, to the purchase is a simple step, which we are prepared to do together, through the services of creating an online store, customized and tailored to your needs.

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Presentation Site

The relevant content, the differentiators and especially the increased level of transparency make the difference between you and the competition. The tendency of Internet users is to choose services offered by companies that inspire confidence, from the first meeting. Because, in addition to a friendly and easy-to-understand and navigable aspect, a presentation site should contain relevant information, from which visitors can understand why you are the one who can solve their problems or help them reach their goals.

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Web Application (CRM, ERP)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an application that helps any business to integrate multiple processes and automate them. And here we are talking about business information itself, customers, products, sales, stocks, employees and other processes. A CRM application contains a whole set of practices, attitudes and approaches and is especially important for business-oriented businesses.

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Mobile Application

Mobile applications are the future of online commerce, services or just fun. And the reason is simple: smartphones now have great capabilities for storing information or running multiple processes concurrently. Once the memory barriers of the phone are gone, users are looking to simplify more and more processes, for which they prefer to install an application. That is the application that we will create and promote for you.

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GDPR Implementation

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has changed the concept of freely granted, specific and informed consent. The new rules, very drastic, oblige all websites to increase the level of transparency. Basically, GDPR is a must for your website if you want to activate it in legal terms. We will ensure that the design will not be affected and will be easily integrated with the other activities.

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Web Maintenance

Your website should be constantly checked for problems, posting errors, updates and even relevance in the online environment. Because a function that has worked for you today and increased your traffic and thus conversions, it may be outdated today. Getting to or staying on the front page of Google requires a titanic job and maintaining your website at the top is a permanent involvement in everything from SEO or web design services.

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The experience that we have accumulated over the years allows us to offer reliable consulting in the digital field. Whether you want to create an online store or a presentation site for your business, do you think a mobile app would suit you best, need advice for a CRM, or need help building your brand and helping give us a voice online, we are here to help.

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We offer the web hosting technologies and services necessary for your website to be permanently present on the Internet. Our servers run without stopping so that you are always accessible to your clients.

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What is web design?

Web design actually refers to the design of websites present on the Internet. In developing the website, it focuses on the user experience in browsing desktops, smartphones and tablets.

The web designer is the one who stylizes and gives a pleasant look to the finished product, in terms of colours, fonts and images used. A professional design can be easily navigated, has a pleasant aesthetic and transmits brand values directly to the target audience.

In general, when designing the pages, the emphasis is on simplicity, so that the information is airy and there is no functionality that makes navigation difficult. The success of a page consists of the trust gained by the users and the elimination of the potential aspects that would push them to leave it quickly.

Responsive design.

It is a design method in which the movement of the content is dynamic, depending on the size of the screen.

Adaptive design.

In this case, multiple versions of a page are created to suit the user’s device.

Confidence and user involvement are maintained by maintaining a consistent appearance between devices, and in adaptive design this is more difficult, but control over the finished product is complete.

Similarities between Web Design and UX Design

This profession covers a wide range of activities, but primarily what a web designer does depends on the needs of clients and the requirements of the projects. There are cases where a professional in web design services does nothing but create visuals or an interactive prototype of the website and does not link to front-end or development. Most of the time, they have to communicate, but the web designer also does the research and tests, which also prepares him for the title of UX designer.


While the web designer solves problems for clients, the UX manager focuses on the users. Web design services include website development and testing before it is launched. Then, additional tests and feedback collections are carried out to make the improvements.

UX managers start with user analysis, an essential part of the process of making them want or realize that they need the solutions you want to offer. The research can be done through interviews, demographics or buyer persona. Once they reach the final product, they launch it to be tested by users, and the analysis process is resumed so that it can make improvements where needed.

Emotions Achieved through Web Design Services

When designing a website, designers use typography, appearance and colour to awaken one or more emotions. For example, dark colours provide credibility and form a bridge of trust between the services you provide and the potential customers. UX designers work on a larger scale with emotions, meaning they want people who come to your site to be marked by the full experience they have with your website.


This is part of the broader notion of user experience and refers to how easily a website can be accessed and used, in our case, but can be applied to any product.

Definition: “The extent to which a product can be used by certain users to achieve specified goals, with efficiency and satisfaction, in a specific context of use.” Therefore, usability is more than ease of use or ease-of-use. It is also about the satisfaction of the users in relation to the attractiveness and aesthetics of the website.

Frequently Asked Qestions

How much does web design services cost for the website?

It is impossible to give a standard answer to this question, because the design is made based on the requirements of each project. All websites are different, which means they have unique components. We design and develop custom products, after receiving answers to all your questions and have a clear picture of your needs and expectations.

How long does it take to create a new website?

This depends very much on the information you can give us in the initial stages, the time needed to give us feedback and especially on its complexity. Also, more functionality means more testing stages.

Do you provide web design services exclusively in Bucharest or other cities?

Moreover, we can help you if you are in another country. All you need is a Skype account, where we can keep in touch. At the national level, we work with people from all over the country and, from time to time, we organize in-person meetings with people, to get to know us better.

Will it even work on the phone?

În prezent este cel mai important lucru pentru un website. Având în vedere că trendul este în continuă creștere, răspunsul este categoric da.

Cât de mult trebuie să mă implic în proces?

Nowadays it is the most important thing for a website. Given that the trend is constantly growing, the answer is definitely yes.

Usability Complements Web Design Services

Before you try to delve deeply into these concepts, it is vital to understand their importance. If the users are not satisfied with their needs and therefore do not reach their goals in a satisfactory manner, they will quickly look for an alternative. And when it comes to websites, alternatives are plentiful. So, you need a web design agency that offers modern and functional solutions to bring clients and convince them to stay.

Usability is the result of a work focused exclusively on the user. This process examines in detail how and why a website is chosen by users and brings constant improvements after each analysis.

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