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Online Marketing Services

Happy Advertising offers you high quality web design and SEO promotion services

We Build a Strong Presence for Your Business in the Online Environment

Online marketing no longer needs any presentation. It represents all the processes of creation, delivery and communication, through which a service or product is noticed in the online environment. With a strong online presence, the activity of a business becomes known to users, who become, over time, loyal customers.

Almost half of the world’s population has internet access. Including your potential customers. This means that, with a well-developed strategy, your products or services can reach exactly where you want them, to people who are really interested in them.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

What you get with the help of online marketing services:

Global visibility.

24/7 Marketing.

Long-term relationships with your customers.

Costs lower than in traditional marketing.

Presence on social networks.

Personalized marketing strategy.


Google Optimization (SEO)

Through our SEO optimization services, we will upload your website as high as possible in the search results of internet users on the most popular search engine, Google. A site that benefits from SEO services will attract quality leads because people get there after searching for keywords used when they intend to buy.

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SEO Audit

Following the research done to generate the specific report for a SEO audit, we will extract important data about your website, current situation and details of the aspects that can be improved. SEO audit is a way to identify any problems your website is facing and to come up with clear solutions to solve them. In this action, especially a SEO specialist, but also professionals from other departments, will work, if the problems are technical.

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Online Reputation Management (MRO)

Through Online Reputation Management you make sure that your brand has a positive image in the perception of Internet users. Reputation, like trust, is something you have to work on, but it can be easily lost through an article or negative review that has gone viral. We will take care that your image is not stained in any way.

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Google Maps Optimization (Local SEO)

We are increasing the visibility of businesses that offer products or services directly to customers, from their physical location. Through Local SEO, we refer to the quotations your website receives each time a person searches for a product or service in a particular location. Make sure people will come directly to you.

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PPC services give you quick visibility in front of customers who have the highest intention to buy. The advertisements created by us will get a favourable score and will bring relevant leads to your business. Through PPC we help you communicate directly with your customers and, ultimately, have sales that will make a profit.

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E-mail Marketing

We help you promote your products or services through e-mail marketing, develop a beneficial relationship with potential customers and a lasting relationship with current ones. Your audience will be kept up to date with all the news and your message will reach the people interested in your business or the niche in which you operate.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization pushes visitors to your website to take an action that you dictate. CRO’s role is to improve your marketing campaign where needed. After analysing the behaviour of those who click on your ads, we optimize that page so that, the next time they enter, they complete the purchase process.

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Want to sell more and dream of a growing business? We know. The same thing we want for you. This is where copywriting services come in, with a light twist of the magic wand aka with a title to attract, we can bring you leads that you turn into customers. This is the means by which we convey the essence of your brand to the people on the Internet.

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Content Entry

We pack all the content you’ve gathered over the years and make sure it gets where it needs to be. The new website will be SEO and graphically optimized, and the content will be in place. And we know that you are attached to the old content, however, if the times change and it has become irrelevant, we make fresh content for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a digital marketing campaign cost?

The answer depends on the type of campaign we are launching, its duration and the degree of difficulty. Also, the costs vary depending on the time required for preparation.

How long does it take to get to the internet?

A PPC campaign instantly brings you to the first Google page. The same goes for Facebook and Instagram. Instead, the results of an SEO campaign need more time to appear.

Do you provide digital marketing services in Bucharest or other cities?

We are more than happy to meet each other personally and, of course, to meet several times. The fact that in our portfolio we have clients from abroad shows us that distance is not an issue in this case.

Do I have to get involved in the process?

We really insist on you doing so. After all, we are talking about your own business, and without feedback from you we cannot continue most processes.

How Do We Work?

We teach you your business and the environment in which it is located.

Regardless of the domain, knowing perfectly the activities carried out is vital. What is the dynamics of the market in which your business is located? What are the trends? What are your marketing goals? These are just some of the questions we need to answer before we outline any marketing strategy.

Together with you we establish all business strengths and what added value it can bring to the market. These things will be the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy.

We know the audience and the competition as well

Marketing tools present countless possibilities, when it comes to audience segmentation. And in order to make the most of this, we need to learn who the target audience is and how these people can turn into potential customers.

Of course, the area in which your business operates is the first factor to be considered, but it is not enough. We need to understand our clients’ motivations and how to communicate effectively with them in the online environment. Depending on what we want to achieve, we use the aforementioned tools to reach people interested in your business activity.

We prepare the marketing plan

The strategy we establish at this point will give us an overview of the actions we need to take to create a strong customer relationship, but also to achieve other previously set goals.

This strategy includes the marketing channels we communicate, the way they work, depending on the stage where each potential customer is, but also the creative side, where we make the message stronger and leave an impression of duration.

Let's take action

Once the strategy is well developed, we only have to implement it and wait for the results. We follow it, however, every moment, in order to optimize the marketing processes for the most effective campaigns, because online promotion environment is very dynamic and we must adapt to it successfully.

Therefore, we follow performance indicators or KPIs, which represent values that reflect the efficiency with which we achieve our business objectives. If, for example, we want to have more sales, the performance indicators we have to track are the conversions recorded after the online marketing campaign. Thus, we have a clear picture of the results obtained from our efforts.

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