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We Think Of a Presentation Site That Will Get You Out

In this digital era, more and more people are taking their information from the internet. And, even if they interact with you or your business in the real world, once you’ve found their interest, they will still want to find out more information on your page, where you present your services. The basic element of a successful business is directly expressed through its presence on the internet, more precisely on a presentation site that functions as a representative that clearly and transparently informs the interested public.

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Why Make a Presentation Website

A presentation site plays a vital role in your marketing plan. This is the cornerstone that ensures your existence in the digital world. If you want, it is the equivalent of having a personal space, where people come to visit you or talk directly with you about the services you provide. On other occasions, it is the main element of the business activity, when they operate exclusively online.

When it comes to competing websites, how visitors interact with your presentation site is a deciding factor. It is very important to understand the strategies behind it, to understand the functions it performs, both emotionally and logically.

There are two key strategies to consider: marketing for the presentation site and content. The first refers to the purpose of the website in the business environment, the function it has to fulfil and the way in which visitors and potential customers reach it. The content strategy focuses on the readers, the way they navigate and collect their information and, of course, the messages they need to see.

The service industries use different strategies because they rely more on the brand. The content it publishes on a presentation site describes in detail the services it offers and, in addition, the companies add value by providing information to educate the public, including testimonials from customers who have tried the products. In this way, competence is shown and visitors’ confidence is increased. To make a presentation site more personal, you can add pictures with the team, where you can also mention the functions, so that people can see who they talk to and have even more confidence.

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A Website That Represents You

The websites work regardless of your profession or business field, because it brings you close to the potential customers and at the same time it is a means of delivering powerful marketing messages. And all this works at all stages, whether it is a small, large business or one you are just starting.

The number of people using the internet is increasing daily. Even if you have a local business, provide services or just consultancy, there is a great chance that people will use search engines to find out more information and if you do not have a presentation site, almost everyone will reorient themselves to the competition.

Your web page offers an overview and represents you continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And no, it doesn’t have to be an online store. This is one of the most common misconceptions that a website must have products for sale and process financial transactions.

The function of informing the public is very widespread. Just think of how many blogs there are, including companies selling products, because they want to educate the public about all the procedures that give rise to those products, the history of the company, legislative changes and so on. The information area is extremely wide.

What You Need For a Presentation Site

The first thing you need is a web hosting service, which is the address of your business page and the company that makes it accessible to the general public. We offer you a well-established service with a reliable history. We also take into account the future of your business and create a website that can be read, of course, expanded, updated and easily developed, as technology evolves. A web hosting service must support changes and additions, quickly and economically.

Choosing the domain name

In the ideal case, the website address coincides with the name of your business, but many are already occupied. If you are in this situation, look for a name that reflects the activity you are doing in reality, for example: NameAfacereOras.ro or something as specific. Please note that address can be a true marketing tool.

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The Advantages of a Presentation Site:

Site resposive.

We want everyone who visits your business page to have a pleasant experience. Which means that it has to load fast, images and videos are displayed properly and there are no errors, regardless of the navigation device.

Business-specific elements.

Through text, images, menu and buttons, customers will understand exactly what your business wants to convey.

Clear structure.

Clear structure. A presentation site should provide the information in a cursory way and with directions to help people find it quickly.

Communicating with potential customers.

Customers will find out the latest and most important information about you and the activities you undertake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the website creation service cost?

The answer to this question can be given after we meet and establish together the direction, the degree of difficulty and the time needed to realize all the functionalities that you want your website to have.

How long does the achievement of a presentation site take?

The time is calculated based on the information and materials (if necessary) that you can give us in the initial stages. It also depends a lot on your availability to give us feedback on what we are working on.

Do you exclusively provide presentation site creation services in Bucharest or in other cities?

We have clients from abroad, so this will not be a problem. We can keep in touch on Skype, and besides that, we regularly travel around the country, so if you are on our way, it would be great pleasure to meet you.

Will it even work on the phone?

The traffic generated by mobile devices has now become crucial for all Internet sites. So the answer is yes.

How much do I have to get involved in the process?

Once we have established together what the needs and requirements of your website are, we will start working on your project and we will need your opinion for each completed stage.

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