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PPC or Pay-per-click is an effective online marketing method by which ads are placed in the most visible online space, namely in the search engine results space. PPC ads are different from organic impressions and are prominent in front of them, occupying top positions in results lists, which makes your offer very easy to reach those who search online for types of services or products in the category of those marketed.

When you turn to PPC services, the costs they incur are used in an equally efficient and convenient way, and it is thought that you will only pay when a user accesses the link promoted by you. Basically, you only pay when these services generate results, meaning when they bring potential customers to your page. And, in addition, through this payment method you can easily track the results of the campaign and its evolution, having a clear picture of how the PPC campaign is going.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

What you get with PPC services:

A reliable partner for achieving the goals.

Instant exposure on first pages of search engines.

Monitoring results and optimizing them.

Campaigns created around ideal customers.

Improved website traffic.

Multiple ad variants.

Google Ads or AdWords

Known under both names, this service developed by Google to help online businesses reach their customers instantly is a kind of a “shortcut” through which your offer reaches potential customers. In the sense that you no longer have to wait for your offer to reach organically higher positions within Google results, it is promoted directly through this service.

When someone searches for a service or product, Google offers the best quality-based results (SEO-optimized sites), but the top positions are occupied by websites, they advertise, that is, those promoted through the Google Ads service.



When a user searches for something on Google, the top positions in results list are filled with websites promoted directly through Google Ads and only organic ads follow. But even though these two types of promotions, Google Ads and organic promotion, are different, they support each other and it is advisable to include both types of services.


Essentials for a successful advertisement:

  • Targeting – through several targeting tactics, the advertisement will target the most relevant segment of people for the type of services or products you market.
  • Search by keywords – refers to the use in the body of the advertisement of the words that best designate the marketed product. Because these are the ones used by potential customers for online searches to look for something on the net. For example, a very general example for Happy, if we want to promote the fact that it is (including) a SEO agency in Bucharest, we would choose the phrase “online promotion services Bucharest”. However, the more general the search, the more impressions it will have and, therefore, more clicks, which will entail additional costs. For this reason, every PPC campaign must be optimized to reduce inefficient spending.
  • If you’re a nail producer and people think they come to you to buy women’s shoes, then something’s wrong. Of course, shoes have a heel, but that doesn’t mean that someone will buy something from you after this search.
  • The page to which the user is sent. Its quality gives the customer satisfaction. If he went out fast, that means he didn’t actually find what he was looking for.
  • Conversion rate. It depends on the respect and proper implementation of all the aspects presented above.
  • When there are no other criteria for splitting between two websites, the price that each one is willing to give for a particular keyword intervenes.
  • The quality of score. Again, it depends on how the above information is used.


Most likely you have already encountered them throughout your internet browsing. There are those ads that appear as a banner, most often when you read a news article, a blog post, you watch a video, etc. In this case, the ad is displayed based on the user’s interests. For example, if someone reads about how they can take care of the flowers in the garden, advertisements may appear for solutions against parasites or other life-threatening flowers.


Important factors:

  • Your ad is displayed based on your chosen terms, as Google will choose websites that have content relevant to your business object. For example, the advertisement of a company that produces and sells artificial turf will appear on blogs for gardening.
  • In this case, you choose your websites where you want the ad to appear instead of using keywords.
  • It brings you in touch with the people who visited your site, but came out without any actual activity.

Topics. It refers to how websites are relevant to your business. If you sell fruit trees, the ad will appear on all sites that have a connection to this area in which you are active.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have many forms and all can contribute to the success of a business if they are well optimized and targeted.

Facebook provides you with all the tools you need to have a complete picture of the ideal customer for you that is the buyer. And, it is largely up to you to find out what the right buyer profile is for your business and how to get there.

The advertising campaign can be watched live and adjusted, if it does not bring the expected results. If you work with an agency that owns both the Facebook and Google platforms, then you will find out exactly where your source of traffic, leads and customers comes from.


True View Ads

For these standard content, the company pays only when the user watches the ad long enough or when interacting directly with it, accessing CTA (call to action).

Ads that can be paused during playback must be between 12 seconds and 6 minutes long, while ads that cannot be stopped during their course measure only 15-20 seconds.

Video Discovery Ads, one of two types of True View ads, also appears on the YouTube homepage, but also on the results page and as a related video on the watch page.

Specifically, by using this type of promotion, your ad may appear as a result of a specific search or as a display ad displayed on the side list while viewing. That is very within the reach of any visitor.

The second type of True View ad, namely the In-Stream Ads, runs at the beginning of the user-selected video, that is, before the user actually watches the chosen video. In the case of this type of promotion, there is the possibility that the viewer can stop playing the advertisement for a certain period of time.

Pre-Roll Ads

There are also types of video ads that cannot be stopped by the user, either running before the video itself begins, or at the middle or end of the video. These types are called Pre-Roll Ads and enjoy the same freedom of content as all True Viewers.

You can use many elements to represent your brand, but because people cannot skip these ads, it is particularly advisable to use CTA (Call to action). Precisely because the chances of accessing your web page are quite high.


This is the shortest type of ad used by YouTube, its length not exceeding 6 seconds. For this reason, the Bumpers type advertisement does not have a certain narrative but is rather used to complete another advertisement or to announce an event.

How do we work?

We set goals

What do you want to achieve from a PPC campaign? Visibility? Greater website traffic? More conversions? Or maybe all in one place. Just like when we go on a trip, we must first know the destination in order to develop the best itinerary.

But before setting the goal, the most important thing is to know each other. Let’s know what the strengths of your business are and how we can improve the weak ones. In this way we will build a personalized, complex and powerful strategy dedicated to achieving the objectives in the shortest time.

We analyse the dynamics of the market and determine the keywords.

Probably the biggest mistake of those who start this kind of campaigns is a promotion without a prior market analysis.

It is quite tempting to assume that we know how the market works and what its customers want, but in the absence of a systematic analysis, this vision may not be the most accurate. And because this step is essential for a successful campaign, our analysis will help you get to know in detail the client you are addressing, his behaviour in the online environment, what his interests are and what keywords are most appropriate to capture his attention when looking for products or services similar to yours.

Establishing PPC communication channels

PPC is not just about search engines. A PPC campaign is also used by most social media platforms, from Facebook and YouTube to Instagram and Tik Tok, Waze or even LinkedIn. And in order to be part of an effective campaign, the use of each one of them requires different strategies depending on the specific characteristics of these platforms and the algorithms used.

And by correlating the client’s profile, his interests and his specific behaviour with the attributes the platforms he frequents we will obtain the most effective communication for each category of clients.

We study the competition

Sure you want to be ahead of the competition at any time. But do you know what actions your competitors take in the online environment? What are their goals? What keywords do I use in PPC campaigns? There are questions that need to be considered before starting the PPC campaign, and our team will help you do it in the most appropriate way. Because we have the necessary experience to determine based on the online activity of competitors which is the optimal formula for your PPC campaign.

We approach this step as a chess game: we anticipate the opponent’s moves and establish the best strategy for the game.

Creating impact messages

Today, the online environment is bombarded with messages that have only one purpose: selling. But for them to turn into a conversion, it has to have an impact on the potential buyer, which means you have to understand the very potential customers you are targeting: what motivates them, what sensitizes them, what their needs are and what emotions they respond the best in the online environment.

Messages that accompany PPC ads are extremely important for this very reason. Users want to be motivated by the idea you convey, the feeling they try when viewing your ad. So, based on your ideal buyer profile, we create powerful and compelling texts that will sensitize users and stimulate them to access your advertising.

We measure results

How will you know what to do, if you do not know what you did? More than just a logic game, this question perfectly mirrors this stage of our strategy. All our efforts in the PPC campaign are monitored to have a clear picture of the impact on users and to constantly update and improve the promotion strategy.

The online environment is constantly changing and so are the algorithms of platforms used for promotion that can be changed overnight. For this reason, we ensure not only the monitoring of the activity, but also the optimization of the campaigns in accordance with the current transformations that the online environment supports.

YouTube Ads

Viral marketing has long won the confrontation with the traditional because of the incredible speed of message propagation. The virtual tools it uses have already proven to be extremely efficient, with YouTube counting, without just and possibly, among the best performing tools. And, as well as AdWords promotion campaigns, YouTube plays an extremely important role, being one of the most effective advertising distribution platforms.

Why use our services?
  • Because we know how to make every click count. At the same time for you and your customers. Through creative targeting ways we know how to capture the target audience, and through intelligent messages we know how to bring it to you.
  • Benefiting from a successful PPC campaign success will invariably be just a click away.
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