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Web Application (CRM, ERP)

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Smartly Invest in Your Business!

We come to your support to streamline the daily processes within your company. We know that each company is unique, as well as the activity it carries out, so we will develop for you a custom CRM system, tailored exactly to your needs. The activity of the company will be watched and managed live, the internal communication will be much improved by fluidizing the information traffic, and the relations with clients will be structured around their real needs, thus the organization having a complete vision of these needs. And together, all will contribute to the significant improvement of the sales process.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

Smart CRM Solutions

Smartly invest in your company and acquire a CRM package that guarantees improved customer relations, efficient and productive internal management and increased conversion rate by creating more sales opportunities.

By customizing it to your needs, the custom CRM system will help you manage, monitor and analyse only what is relevant to your business, integrating all your needs into a centralized and automated system that will eliminate both waste of resources and waste of time.

Depending on each project, the workflow may be higher or lower and it does not always measure the importance or success of the project. Precisely because there can be unnecessary steps that just load the work schedule without guaranteeing a positive output. When you have your own custom CRM, regardless of the market in which you operate, all stages are sorted and streamlined according to the actual performance you expect from an effective management.

Automation keeps your business flexible, allowing you both a real-time update of information and an adaptation to ever-changing realities and needs. And with much greater visibility on all the company’s projects and all the activities they involve, your business will have the best management of conversion opportunities, accounts and contacts of potential clients. And because the ease of use of these facilities is equally important, we offer you a pleasant browsing experience in your own Custom CRM through an easy-to-use interface that you can configure exactly as you wish.

We know from experience how important is the way in which the activities of the company are measured and managed, so we also know how important it is to be able to use a performance resource for managing the company’s activities. With Custom CRM you have the opportunity to take full advantage of such a reliable and high-performance tool, specially created to efficiently manage the internal aspects of any business. Consulting monthly reports, detailed monitoring of activities, efficient distribution of tasks and regular productivity analysis will all invariably contribute to the prosperity of your business. And in addition, by customizing the software, you decide how you want to grow and win the competition.


Functional Features of the Custom CRM Solution

Custom CRM is an ERP solution whose main purpose is the efficient management of projects, work tasks, customer relationships and of requirements coming from them. CRM makes your work easier and makes it more enjoyable and efficient from all points of view, significantly reducing the execution and completion time of projects. And this economy will not mean a single gain, but a multilateral one. Because the time economy brings with it essential gains regarding the company’s development and its efficiency.

Internal Messaging

Custom CRM helps you manage each project flawlessly. All tasks, responsible persons, deadlines and especially the progress, stage and estimates regarding the completion of the project are centralized, being easy to manage. And communication, implicitly, team collaboration will also be greatly improved by smart communication tools.

Business Information

The most important information operated by your company will be stored in a database where you will have easy access and intelligent tools for managing stored information. Custom CRM helps you structure your business, order your priorities and streamline communication, and vital information such as contacts, documents, contracts and invoices will always be at your fingertips on the same platform.


For maximum efficiency, you need to automate routine, recurring tasks so you have more time to deal with complex tasks. Custom CRM simplifies your time-consuming tasks and protects you from wasting valuable resources that could hinder maximizing the conversion process, doing it according to your personal settings. By personalizing this service, the records and monitoring of the company’s activity, updating the tasks and prioritizing them, generating campaigns on social media platforms, feedback and real-time communication with customers, all can be customized according to the specific needs of the business that you lead.

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The Advantages of a Custom CRM

Project management.

Successful completion of important projects largely depends on effective team organization and, implicitly, on the information that must be both organized and constantly updated.


Every process you do manually can be automated. Just think about how long you save by doing so. Because the tools used by such a custom CRM system automates important tasks such as scheduling meetings or communicating with clients and even sending text messages to platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, each performance indicator of campaigns run on social platforms will be monitored.

Customer service.

A Custom CRM develops your relationship with your customers and can make them understand your business more easily, having access to all the information you choose to share. In this way, you will be able to considerably facilitate the communication with them by eliminating the errors inherent in a mediated communication and, implicitly, by gaining promptness and accuracy.

Custom functions.

In Custom CRM you can prioritize and configure all the aspects that you consider important and productive for your business. Incorporating, removing, or modifying preferential settings will create a business management system tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Happy?

Because through an intuitive and easy to use software you will not only be able to have a complete picture of all the activities that take place within the company, but also to manage these activities in the most efficient way possible. And at all levels. From the administrative to the marketing and sales, HR and customer relations or in any of the departments that enter the functional structure of the company.


Providing optimal visibility into the company’s internal activities, eliminating downtime and errors inherent in the lack of automation and centralization, maximizing the conversion process by processing orders, monitoring customer interactions, performance analysis and efficient management of opportunities, our CRM service will be, certainly the promoter of success for your business.

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