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Facebook Management

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Facebook Management

With over 2 and a half billion active users each month, Facebook is the most sought-after platform by brands that want to reach as many potential customers as possible. In addition to the impressive number of people entering this platform daily, Facebook has the great advantage of opening the way to all age groups and social classes. Certainly, this is where your clients are.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.


Message transmission and brand philosophy

Interaction with relevant audience

Creating leads for the website

Content updated on the page

Optimized ads for sale

Strategy Development

Before starting all the actions, we must start from a well-developed strategy, which has to express in the best way possible, what your brand wants to convey. Included in this step is the analysis of the brand’s current presence in Social Media, the content that can be improved and the development of the new one, which will increase engagement and bring new followers on the page.

Strategy is important in order to ensure that you reach your marketing goals. Once you have decided to start a promotion campaign on Facebook, the next step is to get to know your audience: what people prefer, what content they interact with, and what exactly drives them to reach your website to purchase a product.

Creating content

When it comes to Facebook Management and Social Media in general, consistency makes a difference in the fight with other businesses. The presence in the online environment, in this case on social networks must be maintained, and this can be achieved by drawing up a posts calendar. Thus, you make sure that your audience stays up to date with all the news and you miss an opportunity to increase their interest in your products or services.

Content is not just quality copywriting, but also visuals, images that express brand identity, and videos that increase engagement. In addition, you can share relevant industry news, changes that target your audience, or important events happening around the world.

Reply to messages and comments

An important part of Facebook Management services is the attention to audience that interacts with you and the content you post. This is an opportunity to answer questions about your products or services and capitalize on potential leads, while demonstrating that customer service is an important part of your business.

Collaboration with influencers

More than ever, influencers can be a launching point or the exit from anonymity of a brand with an online presence. To be successful in such a campaign, you need to find the right person to address the audience relevant to your business, because in this case, not only quantity is important, but quality is as well.

Creation of commercials

Crearea și implementarea reclamelor completează serviciile de Facebook Management. Pe lângă partea organică ce necesită un volum semnificativ de muncă, reclamele au avantajul a ajunge exact la publicul selectat, ceea ce crește implicit potențialul de vânzări și vizibilitatea pe această platformă.

Why you need Facebook Management

A very large percentage of all your potential customers is definitely on Facebook. Your message transmitted both organically, through the content you constantly post, but also through advertisements, represents the most effective type of promotion from the point of view of costs. This method eliminates high costs required by traditional channels such as televisions or radios.

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Constantly creating quality content that pursues your marketing goals requires a lot, which you can invest within your company. And the experience gained helps us bring you closer to relevant users, which you can turn into customers.

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