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Graphic Design

Happy Advertising offers you high quality digital and promotion services

We Shape Your Brand: Online and Offline

Creative services encompass both the written aspect – that is the headline that attracts attention and is easily memorable to remain in the public’s mind as well as visually – through the combination of shapes, colors and highlighting the central point to which the attention is first directed.

We are a team of artists, in the true sense. Creative, but also extremely well organized.

What you get with creative services:

Materials to differentiate and customize your business

High visual impact

Packages to sell


Web Graphics

Your website’s graphics are very important when designing its structure and influencing the results of an online advertising campaign. And this is because, in almost all cases, a poorly packaged quality product or service will attract fewer customers than when you benefit from quality web graphics services.

People who surf the Internet are attracted to certain colours and shapes and react to different types of messages, depending on the niche. Headlines, banners, advertisements, CTA (call to action) buttons are all specially designed to attract the attention of visitors and direct them to a specific action. This can be adding the product to the shopping cart, dialling a phone number, filling out a form, subscribing to the newsletter, etc.

To ensure the highest chances for visitors to take action and contract your services or buy your products, the graphics of the site and the elements that invite such actions follow some precise coordinates.


The Coordinates of a Captivating Site

Regarding the visual level, the image of a site should not only take into account the composition rules or graphic and chromatic choices, but, in particular, the significance they acquire for the one who visits your site. From the actual graphics to the way it manages to direct the view to the planned centres of interest, all are taken into account by our team and carefully crafted to be true promotional tools.

You need to know when to use colours and when not, when to use natural or artificial textures, how to configure everything so that the eye is automatically directed to the centres of interest you are pursuing, how to develop an intuitive structure for site navigation to be as natural as possible and even choose the best fonts. And all these decisions are made on the one hand, depending on the specific field of activity, but also according to a personalized marketing strategy for each site.

In terms of intelligibility, a site must be easy to understand, without a surplus of useless information that will load the graphics or content and annoy the user, because this would only discourage its search, and could even force it to abandon.

At the level of graphics, the shapes and colours chosen should not load the site either, which is why the colours should not be too strident, nor too numerous in order not to distract from the actual content of the site, for example from the products they promote. And as for the shapes, they must be both simple and suggestive for the same reasons.

All this will provide the user with a simple and efficient framework, but also attractive and intuitive, in which it can move easily and easily meet its needs. This will create a relaxing atmosphere in which anyone will feel encouraged to explore to find what they are looking for.



These are invaluable when you decide to do sustained and powerful online advertising. Over time, we have created banners that have brought substantial results to our customers, helping them to significantly promote their business. Through static or animated commercials, customized dimensions for each need, adapted graphics for all types of platforms and also targeted and impact message.

The web design services from Happy Advertising can also help your online store or personal presentation site by creating personalized videos, animations, button integration (and activating them) for social media.

Patience of online users is decreasing more and more as reaction speed is increasing, which means that people are no longer willing to spend more than a few seconds to decide how much they want to interact with your products. So in order to ensure the best chances for high traffic you will need to capture the users’ attention as soon as possible. And that’s exactly what web graphics does for you.

We will help you choose the most inspirational visual elements, sizes and shapes that are right for you and we can even animate the elements used in your design so that your banner will instantly capture the user’s attention.


Graphic for Print

It has probably happened to you at least once that you were pleasantly impressed by a leaflet you received on the street, a booklet from a fair or a magazine received at an event. And you have to admit that it was not the information contained in these materials that impressed you, but especially their graphics, the quality of images and the placement on page and, of course, the quality of the paper to be printed.

At Happy Advertising, we believe that print quality should never be compromised. This is not just about digital execution, but also about understanding what the print actually means and how it differs from digital. Our graphic designers worked both on a small scale, with leaflets and brochures, as well as on a large scale, with street banners such as those of buses or blocks, being initiated in all types of works. So whatever your need, our team of graphic designers will know … how to put it on page.



Your requirements for printed materials are met by a web design agency that knows even what offline advertising means; because, in the end, it is very important that you occasionally interact with your current or potential clients and how otherwise unless at fairs, exhibitions or through partnerships with other companies that organize events. In all these situations you will need business cards and other personalized items to make your brand stand out.

A strong name is reflected in all the details that represent it. And, the more they emerge from functional anonymity and become personalized details, the more the image of a brand strengthens, becoming stronger. A business card that truly represents you or a logo by which your vision will also proliferate in the online or offline environment will transform the company you represent into a memorable presence at any event.

The logo is the most important element of branding, being the image of the company itself. For this reason, it is important for execution to allocate qualified resources that guarantee the best results. We provide you with quality graphics services so that your company logo can successfully perform its most important function. That is to conquer the public at first sight.

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